As a director of a musical ensemble, when performance is part of the process, it can be challenging to listen to the group and understand how to approach learning the music.  Essential tools for the director are; deep listening, patience, respect, trust, authenticity and humour.  Awareness of the group’s needs, wants and abilities is fundamental for developing cohesion within the group and trust between the director and the group.  An empathetic director who understands this can lead more informed musical/rehearsal choices in order to achieve the musical goal. A mindful director has a strong sense of self-awareness, listens to their body, is aware of their emotions and understands the impact they have moment to moment.  Good leadership that instills confidence in the group can help to provide a meaningful experience. I feel that a director who practices mindfulness and empathy can provide a stronger meaningful musical experience for an ensemble.  I am well versed in creating music in a respectful environment.  This involves creating a relaxed and pleasant learning space and above all having FUN!

This is a teaching philosophy based on empathetic human relations.  I keep hold of these principles when working with larger musical ensembles by being aware of the overall morale of the group.  Developing camaraderie leads to a more supportive learning environment and growth for the group as a whole, while keeping the door open to provide an inclusive opportunity for everyone to learn together, but in their own way supported by the group and leader.

  • Founder and Director of the Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble 2008-present
  • Founding Director of New Horizons Band Guelph Program 2006-present
  • Director of the Cambridge Concert Band 2007-present
  • Director of the Village Band at the Village by the Arboretum 2004-present
  • Founder and Director of the Centre Wellington Youth Band 2001-2007
  • Director of Westwood Public School band 2011-2012
  • Director of Gateway Drive Public School band 2003-2004
  • Assistant conductor of the Guelph Concert Band 1999-2004, 2009-2013